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The young Dutch brand has won us over with its innovative approach to beautiful formulations and textures as well as to overall production, starting with their excellent relationships with growers. The OHM Collection works with local Dutch organizations that share the same ethical goals as them. According to these modern fighters for better business practices, ethically produced / grown products / ingredients make the most sense because they have a positive impact for all concerned. Therefore, the OHM Collection obtains its raw materials only from small farms and distilleries that have committed themselves to practicing sustainable agriculture and reforestation.

OHM Collection wants to produce beautiful, effective Fairtrade and Organic products that last a long time, so they benefit both the customer and the planet. Choose from the selection of innovative cream or powdered deodorants and water-based sun lotions, which we fell in love with. All the products are Vegan and Cruelty-Free, 100% natural and organic, and come in lovely, gift-friendly packackag. Try them today. More info...

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