The flagship product of the Pony-O brand, a unique hair accessory and a bit different "rubber bands" for creating high ponytails, so-called ponytails, was invented by its founder Nicole and her partner Beth as early as 1987. She could not use classic fabric rubber bands in her thick curly hair - their wearing was unpleasant, they pulled their hair, they did not hold their hair, they pulled their hair out unnecessarily when taking it off, etc. At the same time, no other alternative was available on the market. That's why she decided to invent and create this absolutely unique, patented hair accessory herself.

These unique hair accessories are suitable for all hair types and densities - from the finest to the densest, even for children's hair. It perfectly maintains even thicker hair and creates a rich hairstyle even for fine hair. No more annoying hair pulling or removing tangled rubber bands! Thanks to the unique system, the hair in Pony-O does not crease, nothing pulls you anywhere and you can hardly feel it in your hair. So you can have your hair in a ponytail perfectly and comfortably all day long. It is also very easy to remove from the hair. Pony-O was joined by similarly comfortable accessories for creating buns, decorative applications to embellish hairstyles, etc.