We recently read an article from a marketing expert, which stated: “Customers are not interested in the past of your business and professional experience, but in their future whilst shopping in your store.“

Therefore, we should rather write about how shopping with us will be and what you will get out of it, benefit or experience wise. Well, briefly get to know our past, because it may actually set you up for the future experience.

We set up our first online store for purely natural and certified organic cosmetics in the UK back in 2010, called Purely Natural Cosmetics.

This has gradually evolved into an online store with specialized supplements and food, which we have transferred to the Czech version called www.pravebio.cz. Until 2019 we had one foot in London and one foot in Czechia, but the flu epidemic permanently moved us back to Czechia.
The old concept of the online store has grown over the last few years to a wholesale cooperation with leading online shops such as cukrfree.cz, netoxickadomacnost.cz, puravia.cz and drmax.cz, and we would like to keep growing.

There are so many cosmetics shops and one gets lost in the choice. So why shop with us? We try to offer brands that are somehow different from the average lot and represent a great ratio in quality, price and performance. We try to make sure that the brand is as natural and non-toxic as possible and that everything is certified organic where possible – you will find the Soil Association Organic, Cosmos Organic, USDA Organic, Demeter or similar logos on the labels.

We curate brands and products to target different customer groups to cover all needs, whether it's premium salon-like care, teen or children's skincare, unisex skincare or alcohol-free fragrances – suitable for allergy sufferers and sensitive individuals.


Fast dispatch. We will usually dispatch your order within 24 hours of payment.

Loyalty is appreciated. We offer a loyalty program for loyal customers who can deduct money from their purchases from the points they have accumulated – you just need to be a registered customer.

Free gifts. We add gifts to orders based on our capabilities and order value. It's a little surprise for some of you.

Returns. If an error happens on our end, we deal with it quickly and as easily as possible. We take pictures of orders before they are shipped to avoid any misunderstandings. We don't have complaints often because we try to prevent them.

We pack environmentally and economically. One of the most expensive items is the packaging material. That is why we recycle everything. So our packages may not look tuzex, even though there are tuzex items in them, but there's a reason for that – we try to keep costs as low as possible for you.

You won't find substandard quality with us. We follow the motto that less is more and live by the style that you are not so rich that you buy cheap stuff. Unfortunately, today's times are set up in such a way that one has to pay more for quality than for quantity, and the composition of cosmetics and dietary supplements (but also food) in ordinary shops or pharmacies corresponds to this.

You won't find a plethora of brands with similar ingredients. We don't aspire to be like the big foreign cosmetic e-shops with large stock and product offerings that tempt you to spend unnecessarily on things you don't even need.

Discounts. We're not an e-shop that builds its business on constant discounts – the brands we offer don't have huge margins that allow this, nor do they deserve it. Everything is made by hand, in small batches, and the cost of production and operation is unreal. The ingredients that our brands use are not cheap; they are either certified organic ingredients or very expensive cosmetic ingredients and therefore can never cost a few hundred. Still, we run discounts a few times a year, including contests on Instagram.

Corporate secret buys You won't ever find any brand here that has been secretly bought by one of the corporates like P&G, Johnson & Johnson or Nestlé or Unilever - we personally check everything. Why? These huge corporations stifle business diversity and make it impossible for start-ups and small businesses to compete. According to a report by the charity Oxfam: 'The world's biggest companies have a lot of power – but you have more. Because corporations aren't using their power enough to help poor communities or our planet, you can use yours to not buy their goods and change the way they do business."

It is up to each of you whether you use natural or certified organic cosmetics from small producers. Today we have a choice as consumers, and as a business we are doing everything we can to keep our quality affordable, even if politicians don't make it easy for us...

Who you give your money to is very important to the fairness of this world, and know that by buying from our e-store you are helping to put hundreds of hard working, ordinary people who are not part of any corporation to work. You'll be supporting people like yourself, and that's what counts.

Thank you for reading this far, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Jana Čevelová