There are many brands of natural deodorants, some more successful in being effective and others not so much. Some may have either already found 'the one', others may still be looking, or maybe one just needs a change from the known brand in the form of packaging, texture, smell, feeling on the skin, etc. For those people I have written this article, and have put the creme deodorants on sale for you to try them with cheaper price tag. They are based on water, seaweed, coconut oil, shea and cocoa butters, soda bicarb and rare essential oils such as cardamom, neroli, frankinscence or even classic lavender. These deodorants are completely vegan and natural with a high proportion of organic ingredients, very hygienic to use and gentle on skin. All fragrances are unisex, although the frankinscence oil may be more appealing to the male senses, it is the highest quality essence from Oman, where the OHM Collection has direct suppliers of this precious oil. This is another point of interest, the OC strictly prides itself on ensuring that all the essences and natural oils and butters in their products come from farms that are sustainable and practice organic farming. They personally maintain good business relationships with them.
OHM Collection Krémový Deodorant displej

The OHM Collection is a Dutch brand that is already well known on their home turf, but not so much outside the country. We were attracted to this brand mainly for their sun creams, which captivated us for their composition and feeling on the skin. Regarding the deodorants, I have never had a creamy or powder deodorant before, so I thought it was something that we should try. We also liked the appearance and selection of fragrances very much. Creamy deodorants have excited us in terms of pleasant and hygienic application, hydrated underarm feeling and unobtrusive fragrances that do not stay on the skin and do not overpower my perfume. In terms of functionality, the odour protection lasted about 5 hours for me, 7 hours for my man, while cycling, walking and doing normal physical activity during the day before reapplication was needed. Everyone sweats differently, we have different musk, diet, hormonal states, etc., so it cannot be stated that what works for us will work for you the same way - for example, you may experience longer or shorter duration between the need for re-application. The advantage of the créme deodorant's economical packaging is that it does not leak anywhere and it is easily applied to the armpits without leaving stains on the clothes. Also, it does not take up much space in the handbag and looks beautiful as an accessory. 50ml also fits into hand luggage. OHM Collection deodorant - krémová textura

How come the manufacturer claims that this deodorant will last up to 5 months? Because you only need to apply a small amount, something like the size of a pea or blueberry - one press of the pump. Really, this is enough to cover the entire armpit. Of course, always apply a creamy deodorant on the cleaned armpit so that there is no left-over of residual sweat bacteria. Of the 5 versions, Royal Hemp is the most gentle because it contains no essential oils and is specially developed for ultra sensitive skin. In addition, it contains the soothing and healing hemp oil. The Ohm Collection Deodorant Cream can also be applied after shaving unless you have a reaction to any of the essential oils added.

Packaging for these deodorants, as well as the brand's sunscreen, is based on airless pump technology. It is a so-called pressure-less vacuum dosing system that uses a mechanical pump inside the bottle. When you push down on the pump, the disc in the bottle rises and pushes the product out of the pump. Airless packaging helps extend the shelf life and stability of the product without the need to add many unnecessary preservatives and stabilizers such as ethanol/ alcohol (to be effective, it must be added at the concentrations of at least 20% +, which can cause dryness and irritation to the skin when used regularly, so watch out for ethanol in the top ingredients' positions as an active ingredient) or isothiazolinone derivatives (a highly allergic substance, yet it is also used in so-called natural cosmetics). In conventional skincare, parabens are used for product preservation, as are SLS, triclocarban, triclosan, benzyl alcohol, chlorhexidine, 3-iodopropynyl-N-butylcarbamate, phenoxyethanol. In natural skincare products there are natural preservatives and essential oils, in conventional skincare there is a perfume - a cocktail of synthetic substances irritating to the skin. Note, however, that essential oils at the wrong concentrations can cause allergic reactions, too.

Airless Pump Technologie v praxi

All plant extracts, vitamins, antioxidants and other fragile ingredients degrade in the presence of air, so once the product is opened and air admitted, these important ingredients will start to deteriorate and lose their effectiveness. Airless pump is a modern invention that helps the customer to get maximum effect from the product and its contents without contamination. Thanks to this technology, you will find, alongside the highest quality essential oils, only cetearyl alcohol in the OHM Collection Créme Deodorants, which is used to thicken and stabilize cream products. It is not an allergen and does not irritate the skin. See the full range of the OHM Collection Deodorants here.