The Dutch Indie brand, The Ohm Collection, was created by four long-time friends, co-founders Roel Holtland and Jonathan Berhani, and Michelle and Thomas. All of them have known each other since primary school. Thomas and Michelle came up with the idea of ​​creating a product and harnessing the personal skills of all 4 friends to build a modern, conscious brand that is vegan and offers 100% natural products with organic ingredients. When they started, they spent hours at Michelle's house brainstorming what was missing in their local natural beauty market and the idea of ​​a natural deodorant/ antiperspirant was conceived.

the ohm collection teamAt that time there was a growing public interest in aluminum based antiperspirants, but there were very few organic or natural deodorants with similar effect on the market. This is how the first powdered deodorant, which is safe for the lymphatic glands and also acts as an antiperspirant, was created. The difference being the deodorant does not prevent perspiration like aluminium does, but your armpits remain dry. I don't know how they did it, but it works. I vouch for that - I have never seen anything like this. Their adventurous journey began when one of the oldest pharmacies in the Netherlands, Van der Pigge, began selling their deodorants.

the ohm collection deodorants bannerSince then, luxurious and long lasting creme deodorants, moisturizing sun creams, and night and day face creams have been added. Everything is packaged in original, airless bottles with a twist and rotate cap that ensures there is no contamination, and which keeps the product fresh until the last drop is used. For example, 50ml creme deodorant will last up to 5 months of daily usage, and the powdered one up to 3 months, in a 50g version. This is called conscious entrepreneurship with an aim to prevent unnecessary consumerism. This is what thid new generation of young people is all about - saving the planet and its inhabitants by making long-lasting quality products for everyone, thereby creating less waste and consumption.

The Ohm Collection focuses on Fairtrade trading, vegan products, 100% natural ingredients, and the use of rare, highest quality organic or wild-crafted essences in their body care products. From 2020 they are planning to certify their products Organic through the prestigious European body, Cosmos Organic. I personally advised the founders to choose this organisation, because I believe this certification is the most trustworthy in all of Europe. Fingers crossed it works out. 

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