One morning, while driving to the office, we saw a washed-up, 30-foot-long sperm whale on South Beach near our office. It was dead. Instead of growing up and enjoying life in the ocean, the giant fish just lay there motionless. We felt an indescribable sadness. The wildlife veterinarian determined that the whale had died of starvation because its stomach was filled with plastic. This caused plastic??? We were so proud of our USDA Organic certification for safe body and skin care, but our packaging threatened the environment and animal life.

Being certified Organic by the Ministry of Agriculture was of great importance to us in terms of ecological sustainability and our goal was to help people avoid synthetic substances. But everything we made was packed in plastic. We realized that we are part of a huge environmental problem because plastic is not a sustainable resource. 

OBRÁZEK VELRYBYWhen the washed-up whale opened our eyes, we found that plastic is a slightly toxic chemical. Until then, it was easy to think that plastic was as inert as glass. Today, however, we know that plastic releases phthalates and other chemicals into the composition of creams and other cosmetic and food products.

Plastic decomposes for hundreds to thousands of years, and even after being disintegrated into micro-particles it continues to release its chemical charge into the environment. What bothered us a lot was the fact that our Organic Essence brand was based on completely non-toxic products, without the addition of any chemicals. And now we have found that plastic packaging contaminates our meticulous Organic formulations with synthetic hormones and cancer-causing chemicals. Chemical contamination is the exact opposite of what Organic certification and Organic lifestyle represents. We had to find a non-toxic and sustainable alternative for plastic packaging.


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The packaging industry is dominated by plastics. Manufacturers know that customers want good value and environmental sustainability, but environmental sustainability costs more money. Marketing advertising costs less than true sustainable eco packaging. That's why modern marketing guides highlight the positives as much as possible - directing attention to small innovators and promoting them as great discoveries is quite common. Cheating ranges from small lies to outrageous ones.

Fabulous slogans are prevalent in all the media, but the problem is that there are only a few real and lasting ecologically sustainable solutions in the world.

Organic Essence is based on the production of tangible products that produce results and not illusion. We needed environmentally sustainable packaging, so we developed it ourselves. Our first development experiment in the packaging industry was a paper container in 2008 and then a paper tube in 2009. Since then, we have developed other sustainable eco-packaging and are delivering to other companies. We own more than 15 packaging patents covering a wide range and needs.



The importance of ecological sustainability is the promotion of all life on the planet, which also supports human life. Materials that are living and life-supporting are sustainable.

There are no chemicals that hurt living creatures and the environment over time. Paper as packaging material attracted us because it comes from living matter and when you throw it away it returns to its living origin, as a result of serving as insect food and other invisible life. Paper essentially does not leave a carbon footprint (carbon neutral) because it absorbs carbon directly from the air.

Paper is the most recycled material on the planet. Paper does not contaminate our BIO certified products. And most importantly ... paper does not kill whales and other animals. We wanted packaging that would become part of the natural cycle of life, not something that threatened it.

ORGANIC ESSENCE PACKAGINGOrganic Essence packaging is made from paper that is recycled in California and comes from sustainable forest stands. This is to support the overall cycle of the true zero waste cycle, while competing brands buy their packaging mostly in China for cheap money and not recycled paper and sustainable.

Organic Essence products - and their packaging - stems from life on Earth and are a sustainable part of it.
The Organic Essence brand was created to help both people and nature.
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