NUI Cosmetics offer high performance make-up in stylish colors and modern design at fair prices. We use silky textures and mild ingredients for our natural cosmetics brand to enhance your natural beauty and keep your skin healthy.

The word "NUI" stands for "grandiose" in Maori language - and so every woman should feel with NUI Cosmetics! NUI Cosmetics means high quality, stylish and nourishing makeup that respects your health, our planet and the environment - it is Vegan, 100% Natural and contains more than 80% of organic ingredients.

I have included NUI Cosmetics in my brand portfolio because I really like its 'look' on the skin - it reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury make-up, a professional brand I like very much, however, that is also full of chemical ingredients. NUI strives for natural and organic make-up that gives you that professional 'model look' appearance we're used to from conventional cosmetics, but without the chemicals and allergens. Personally, I think they're doing a great job. Check out their look book and Instagram and if you agree, try their products today.

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