Formulations of LOVINAH products are based on both natural and scientifically based, innovative ingredients that move the world of cosmetics and are designed to repair the skin at a cellular level. It is a very active composition that sensitive skin may not tolerate well, so it is always necessary to consult a cosmetician or buy a sample to try in advance. If you suffer from rosacea or have a very sensitive skin, LOVINAH may not suit you, so shop prudently and consult a professional beforehand what is right for you and what is not. With LOVINAH, the rule is that less means more, so don't overdo it with the application. Products last at least 6 months or more, and their value pays off.

Each product is full of rich African history, hand-crafted in micro-batches, because it contains powerful active botanicals from all over the African continent, which have been successfully used for ages for cosmetic and medicinal skin care purposes. It is complemented by clinically proven and biologically active ingredients that help to awaken, nourish, hydrate, soothe and literally radiate your skin. Each product tells the story, and Lovinah personally knows the suppliers and growers of the best herbal extracts, clays, and plant oils and butters from the locations where the best sources of these ingredients are.


The founder of Lovinah is an incredibly strong woman who grew up in a traditional African households in native Nigeria. She witnessed the healing abilities of Mother Zakladatelka Lovinah, Joy.Nature through her grandmother, who was a local herbalist, healer and midwife. It was precisely because of the ancient knowledge of African plants that had been passed on to her by her grandmother and mother that she was able to cure her own skin problems. These arose after giving birth to three children in three years and working full time as a computer programmer. This physical and psychological stress caused hormonal imbalances that resulted in weight gain and cystic acne.

Joy developed her love for herbs and plants by watching her grandmother use herbs for various diseases. LOVINAH'S aim is a connection between mind, body and soul, which brings LOVINAH users a beautiful experience of beauty ritual and an opportunity to experience Joy's personal knowledge of the African secrets of natural skin care.

Her words are: 'LOVINAH is my passion and I am always amazed by the healing power of plants and gems. I founded LOVINAH to help my children and myself. After three consecutive pregnancies and a very busy full time job as a computer programmer / project manager, my hormones were crazy and negatively affected my already acne-Lovinah maskyprone skin. I had very painful cystic acne and had tried everything to get rid of it, but nothing worked. Also my children had very problematic skin. After a visit to several dermatologists, the last straw was when my youngest son was prescribed steroids. I refused to put him on steroids and decided to address Mother Nature for her healing abilities. I do not regret because Mother Nature has healed my children and me with her supernatural abilities.

LOVINAH is a powerful grouping of ancient African beauty rituals that uses traditional herbs, exotic oils and extracts, refined with modern technology. The ingredients include super rare Egyptian Blue Lotus, Nigerian Black Soap, South African Rooibos Tea or Uganda Shea Butter Nilotica.

The goal of Lovinah products is to give your skin literally a supernatural glow, healthy and youthful appearance without wrinkles, pimples or spots, while honoring your divine beauty and reuniting you with Mother Earth.'

Watch the interview with Joy at 2019 Cosmoprof in Las Vegas: HTTPS://WWW.COSMETICSDESIGN.COM/ARTICLE/2019/09/10/WITH-LOVINAH-SKINCARE-JOY-EKHATOR-BRINGS-ANCIE


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