We have a loyalty system for our registered members. The system is built on the basis of loyalty points that can be collected for purchases and written reviews, not the star system. We want to encourage people to write because it gives other customers better idea about the product.

How does the loyalty system work?

After registration in our online store, you will gain access to the member section where you can see all your orders and the number of points collected to the loyalty system.

How you get the points?

The number of loyalty points you earn for the purchase of each product is shown next to the product. You can earn points by writing a review for the product you purchased. Points are automatically credited to your account when your order status changes to PAID.

What can I redeem loyalty points for?

You can redeem points while making a purchase, reducing the total order value all the way to 30%. If you redeem points, the system automatically reduces the number of new points according to the order value, ie. you put items in the cart while the system shows that you will receive xy points, but in reality you will receive a lower number of points because of the applied discount. This is because the system itself knows exactly how many points to add based on the value of the goods in the cart.