LOVINAH Supernatural Skincare was founded by charismatic Joy Ekhator several years ago. Joy is originally from Nigeria, but her family emigrated to the USA when she was young. When she decided to launch the brand, Joy suffered from severe skin problems caused by work related stress and 3 pregnancies and she used the inherited family knowledge to heal her hormonal acne. She longed to show the world how the ancient secrets of African beauty rituals passed down from generation to generation still work in modern world of beauty and can heal the skin with the power of nature. LOVINAH Skincare is a true celebration of Africa's sacred beauty and healing herbal traditions - every woman is a Goddess and deserves the best beauty ritual in the world.

Inspired by the ancient secrets of wild African beauty, LOVINAH Skincare uses proven traditional herbal formulas used for centuries by local healers to treat a variety of skin problems. However, Joy's university degree in biochemistry gives these natural botanical formulations a modern and science-based authority that is hard to find in the world of indie green beauty brands.

LOVINAH Skincare is at the level of luxurious professional skincare brands such as Dermalogica, Biologique Recherche, Sothy's, Elemis and others, which use active ingredients such as peptides, lipids, algae, retinol, vitamins, gem stones, minerals, precious metals, etc. instead of using synthetic preservatives, emollients and silicones. These are often used to dilute the product and add absolutely nothing to the formula in terms of corrective long-term skin effect. Lovinah instead uses the above-mentioned natural botanical ingredients, and whenever possible, preferably from the African continent. Read more.