Eternal problem. Odour, sweating, discomfort. Antiperpirants versus deodorants, natural versus conventional products, will the product last or not, texture, ease of application, packaging ... all of this is taken into account when choosing a product for ourselves. Everybody functions differently, not everyone has the same body odour, because not everyone eats well/ healthily and is physically fit. Yes, body odour originates from the inside of the body, in the intestines (like other diseases), and excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is in most cases caused by a disturbance of the autonomic processes in the body. The brain, even under normal circumstances, sends a signal that the body needs to cool down, causing sweat to be produced without any apparent cause. Excessive sweating often has a hereditary basis, but it can also be caused by various diseases. If you suffer from this kind of sweating, you need to seek medical attention and diagnose the cause, because the best deodorant will not save your issue.

Everyone else can choose from our range of deodorants:

Organic Essence offers excellent and long-lasting benefits in the form of a solid deodorant with buttery consistency in compostable packaging for all the zero-waste fans.

The OHM Collection makes creamy and powdered deodorants in luxurious packaging made of recycled plastic and aluminum material - for those of you looking for a natural version of antiperspirant, choose powder deodorant.

Odylique is for the fans of roll-on and spray deodorants. 

All deodorants are certified in organic quality and free of synthetic components such as aluminum and not tested on animals.