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LOVINAH - African Queen

LOVINAH - African Queen

LOVINAH is luxurious, yet very affordable, dermocosmetic brand from Texas that was made by a woman for women that demand more from their skincare products.

With its composition and beautiful packaging, the products resemble jewelry that really stands out on your bathroom shelf. The composition is unique - just read the list of ingredients on each product label. Products based on fermented hydrolates, isotonic seawater or exotic oils are enriched with fine gemstone powder, exclusive plant stem cell extracts and active ingredients such as peptides used mainly by professional salon brands. No silicones, parabens or anything cheap or toxic in sight, ever!

Lovinah brings a professional level of beauty to your home. To find out more, click above on the title Lovinah - African Queen and read our article about this amazing brand we love so very much.

lovinah skincare

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Looking for a functional, natural aluminum salt-free deodorant that is not hard, does not crumble, irritate, leave an oily or wet feeling underarm, does not stain your clothes and lasts up to 5 months? Furthemore, now it will cost you just a few EUR per month to use them because of the 20% discount. Let's take a look at these 5 wonderful fresh fragrances of natural deodorants hand-made by the Dutch brand, the OHM Collection. They have an exceptional creamy texture reminiscent of a moisturizing face cream. Read more...

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Forest Rhapsody represents a fusion of cultural traditions with modern design and the mysteries of nature with scientific knowledge. It brings back to the limelight ancient Asian beauty rituals enhanced by the latest technology and research.

As the name suggests, Forest Rhapsody is a complete multisensory experience. From the perfect texture to the clean scent, each product is designed to elevate your daily skincare routine and leave your skin beautifully hydrated, juicy and with a healthy dewy glow.

The very names of each product refer to the origin of the ingredients used and the brand's philosophy. The ingredients are completely pure, gentle and suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive.

Discover the power of the wild forest with the brand of the month, Forest Rhapsody Skincare.

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